Plasma & Tig

tig welding
The plasma Arc

a natural phenomenon tamed by Lincoln Electrical. The term plasma applies to gases at temperatures exceeding 3000 °C at atmospheric pressure. On the temperature scale, it can be regarded as the fourth state of matter after the solid, liquid and gaseous states.

Plasma Arc Info

The plasma arc is now widely used in the steel, chemical and mechanical engineering industries. As market leader in this sector, Lincoln electrical has turned it into a powerful cutting and welding tool. It is generally accepted that the plasma welding process is the major technological advance from inert gas shielded free arc welding (the TIG process).

plasma illustration
Tig process
Plasma Process

When the length of the panels to be assembled reaches 3 to 4 meters, a boiler-making or tube fabrication workshop using a discontinuous forming process (rolling mill or press) can be restricted by the welding speed obtained with a single-torch plasma process.